About Us


Founded in January of 2015, NEIMAS-1 Group has gone from innovation to innovation with  their design of two innovative products; the Cycle Breaker Rage Reduction Bracelet (CBB) and Cycle Breaker(CBB) Phone App. Both invention designs can boast of having  their own  utility patents.  Since its inception, NEIMAS-1 has focused on forging links within the mental health community and enhancing out reach efforts  to early adoptersand potential consumers. Including; Insurance companies, human services and other outreach agencies, psychiatric hospitals, police departments,prison complexes, DUI programs, crisis centered emergency rooms and community-based  government agencies.

Our goal is  to increase exposure and awareness about the Cycle Breaker device to  hospital emergency rooms, DUI Programs and homeless shelters, where access to counseling and psychotherapy may be limited and demonstrate  the effectiveness of thisbehavior modification device in  reducing or eliminating  rage, anger and aggressive  misbehavior.

 Additionally, the wearer  of the cycle breaker  device  will have the opportunity to learn  mindfulness techniques,  use diaphragmatic breathing, participate in  anger management  classes and therapy sessions and  increase  awareness about anger and rage default patterns. . For those agencies  interested in enhancing service impact by considering a safer, more effective and  humane alternative to existing restraint options,  the Cycle Breaker Rage Reduction  Bracelet may be a viable option to consider. If you'd like more information about the Cycle Breaker product line, please contact our office today  to schedule a  brief consultation..