The Institute of Behavior Management


The NEIMAS-1 Group is the parent Company of the Institute of Behavior Management, which specializes in community-based out patient services using best practices treatment interventions.

 IBHM's mission:   To help all who walk through our doors  regain  resiliency and self confidence and become productive members of society.

Making People Better through:

  • .60 minute SSI Pre-assessments,consultations and progress support services($60 per session in additon to  regular insurance coverage)
  • Positive Intervention and Crisis Support
  • Psycho education and Training
  • Affordable Treatment Options
  • Holistic Consultations and Counseling
  • Tele-health  Psychotherapy Services

Leading to better results in:

  • Treatment Outcomes
  • Clinical Support
  • Communications
  • Training
  •  Integrative Technology


Businesses, Government, Community Agencies, Psychiatric Hospitals..
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