The Team

Co-Founder and Clinical Services Director
Phyllis Wright-West, PhD, MA, LPC, NCC, CCBS     

Phyllis has a varied background in human services including; behavioral health, police science, school/guidance/career counseling and elementary education. She co-founded NEIMAS-1 in January 2015 with her husband Chet in an attempt to shed light on much needed innovation in the mental health field. Dr. Wright-West has been a student and continued supporter of the impact neuroscience and technology has on mental health and the role that out of control anger and rage plays in 21st century society and in our every day lives.

As a psychotherapist, she understands all too well the impact of side effects from psychotropic medications; denial of mental illness and out of control rage to reject medication and the one size fits all psycho social intervention methodologies. Over the course of her mental health practice she has worked diligently to develop a state of the art medical device that would help some wearers gain relief from anger, out of control rage and reduce aggressive tendencies without ingesting medications to gain control of their lives and take responsibility for their behavior.


Co-Founder, Operations Director and  General Manager
Chet M. West Jr., MA

Chet has a strong background in sales and marketing  strategies , operations  management and managing medical billing services. Chet is also responsible for new product marketing bids, regional sales marketing and management , collaborating with insurance companies to finalize service provider contracts and operations oversight. .


Director of Global Marketing, Sales and  Distribution Services
Michael  J.Wright,Jr. BS Electrical Engineering, MA Organizational Leadership

Michael is responsible for securing global marketing contracts, completing  product sales orders,  product training  and orientation, design and development of  curriculum training  guides , over sight of sales and marketing staff and patent protection oversight.